donderdag 11 februari 2010

Vancouver 2010 & the Four Host First Nations

Four Host First Nations Welcome

Perhaps you all thought I was forgetting something important on this blog... :)

Well.... Here it is!!

Tewannee Joseph - Executive Director - Four Host First Nations - Vancouver 2010

More info at:

The different nations (not all!)

and... the movement against the Olympics (not only native groups)

Because although Canada, BC, and Vancouver recognize that the games are held on native lands, and although they work together with the (some) local native communities, fact is that there are almost no treaties in BC between the two parties. And, according to the Crown's own law, this means that the lands are indeed still in native hands. This in turn means that Canada at least should have asked the local nations for permission to hold the games on their lands. Or, in other words, the games aren't held in Canada, they are held in the lands of the different native nations in the area. Not only the four above (themselves not one minded about it), but also the others in BC or the rest of Canada. (BC First Nations map)

Two articles:

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs supports the games but mentiones it is only a starting point.

& (in Dutch)

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